Tuesday, December 28, 2010

PageRanking.com, a US based SEO Company, Gains TheCellTree.com as a New Client

PageRanking.com, a US based search engine optimization service provider, gains TheCellTree.com as a new client.

PageRanking.com, one of the leading SEO service providers, has gained TheCellTree.com as a new client. As an SEO company, PageRanking.com will now offer SEO and internet marketing services to TheCellTree.com.

“TheCellTree.com has been known for its wide range of cheap unlocked cell phones. Their product line includes all the leading brand names, from industry pioneers like Apple to quality and value leaders like BlackBerry, Samsung, HTC and Android. At TheCellTree.com, you can choose products that will suit your requirements. All the smart phones at TheCellTree.com are becoming increasingly popular because of their unique features such as the ability to store music like the iPod, and lots of data like electronic PDAs. Their inventory includes a wide range of cell phones embedded with some of the latest features like WiFi, multi touch screen, 3G, etc."

Mr. Trevor Soares, the CEO of Primal Strategies, LLC says “We're happy to announce that we have gained TheCellTree.com as our new client. TheCellTree.com is one of the biggest ecommerce sites specializing in providing a wide range of unlocked cells phones with great deals and offers.”

PageRanking.com is an internet marketing company that specializes in cutting edge SEM and SEO services. They have years of experience, flexibility, creativity and innovative ideas to help their clients create an online solution. Their aim is to provide their clients with a one stop solution which meets their requirements. They offer a wide array of professional search engine optimization services including, SEM and organic search engine optimization (SEO), website maintenance, management and technical support to their clients.

About TheCellTree.com:

TheCellTree.com is one of the leading consumer eCommerce sites specializing in providing unlocked cell phones. They offer a wide range of new unlocked cell phones on their website, hard to find anywhere else. Just browse through the category or search for mobiles you wish to buy. All these products are available at affordable prices. So why pay higher amount when you can get them at a lower price!

Experian: Yahoo, Bing achieve highest success in November

Earlier this year, the B2B search engine optimization landscape shifted radically as Microsoft's Bing search engine began powering all queries conducted through Yahoo's portal.

According to Experian Hitwise, the combined efforts of the two search engines made the biggest impact over the course of November. The digital measurement firm observed that 81 percent of searches conducted on Bing-powered search engines resulted in a click to a website. Meanwhile, only 65 percent of searches conducted on Google led to the searcher going to one of the displayed results.

"The share of unsuccessful searches highlights the opportunity for both the search engines and marketers to evaluate the search engine result pages to ensure that searchers are finding the information they are seeking," notes Experian.

Overall, though, Google still accounted for the majority of searches conducted, with 70 percent of the queries performed taking place on Google. Bing and Yahoo combined made up only 25 percent of the total searches, with smaller portals accounting for less than 5 percent of queries.

Still, the high success rate of Bing searches highlights the growing importance of Microsoft's search portal. According to a recent report from Chitika, as many as 46.55 percent of websites are not optimized for Bing-powered search engines.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Main purpose of the Search Engine Optimization companies

Use of internet and websites is increasing pretty fast all over the world; besides education purpose, internet has also helped a lot in the field business. The trend of online business started few years back, at that time the situation was pretty light and promoting the online business was easy as there were not many websites. But, the situation has abruptly changed; the number of websites has reached such a limit in the past few years that promoting a business has become quite difficult. At such situation, the only way to succeed in the tough competition of the cyber world is proper Search Engine Optimization of the website. Search Engine Optimization or SEO has become an integral part of the websites and the related online businesses; without proper website optimization it has become impossible for the websites to succeed in the tough competition of the cyber world. The main key to success for the online businesses is to draw as much website traffic as possible. The more volume of web traffic a website succeeds to draw, the more is its chance to succeed in the online business. Search Engine Optimization is often considered as the backbone of the websites; without proper optimization it is pretty difficult for the websites to succeed in the tough competition of the cyber world. When any website is published, it remains almost invisible to the internet users.

The main purpose of the SEO services is to increase the volume of traffic of any website; the more traffic a website succeeds to draw, the better is its chance to succeed in the tough competition of the internet world. However, the Search Engine Optimization companies cannot increase the volume of website traffic directly; they perform several steps to help the websites get superior rank in the pages of the search engines. The better rank a website gets in the pages of the search engines, the more it gets visible to the worldwide internet users. With this increases the volume of traffic of the website. Thousands of Search Engine Optimization companies have grown up all over the world, among which SEO in India has gained huge popularity all over the world. The Indian Search Engine Optimization companies provide excellent SEO services and that too at much low price. They are often considered as the best among all. The techniques applied by the Indian Search Engine Optimization companies are pretty complicated and difficult; a website can achieve success only if all the steps of Search Engine Optimization are provided perfectly. Proper optimization of a website takes months to be completed; positive results are seen after 4-5 months of appropriate Search Engine Optimization of the website.

However, choosing an appropriate Search Engine Optimization company is very important; just any ordinary SEO company cannot provide all the necessary steps required for the proper optimization of a website. The www.123-SEO.com Search Engine Optimization company in India has gained huge popularity all over the world because of the excellent SEO services they provide for the perfect optimization of the websites. Search Engine Optimization is of two main types, the on-site optimization and the off-site optimization; both these optimization techniques are extremely important for the superior ranking of the websites in the pages of the search engines. The website owners should hire any well-known Search Engine Optimization company and get their website properly optimized for better ranking in the pages of the search engines.

Invite search engine robots to your site and get indexed

Search engine robot also known as search engine crawler is a computer program that browses the World Wide Web in a methodical, automated manner and index websites in search engine list according to their importance and quality.

What a search engine looks for in a site is quality content, genuine link and simple layout. You can also use the following steps to gain higher search engine ranking;

1. Submit your site to Search Engines

This is very simple. Go to search engine that you suits your business the best. Get yourself registered and then enter the necessary data. Once you are through this process, you can submit your website to the chose search engine.

Remember, search engine doesn’t expect you to submit all the pages you have on your site. All you have to do is submit the homepage. Rest of the thing will be taken care of by search engine robots.

2. Put genuine links to your website

One of the yardsticks that search engine uses to determine the search ranking of your website is the number of links you have to your site. Build proper links to your site. Remember the more links you have the better you will be ranked by search engine robots.

Contact us to hire Search Engine Optimization services at an affordable price. We know exactly what search engine robots need and therefore our service can be highly beneficial for you. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Best Search Engine Optimization Companies in Hong Kong Ranked By topseos.hk for December 2010

topseos.hk, an independent authority on search vendors has named the Best Search Engine Optimization Firms in Hong Kong for the month of December 2010. Companies are already becoming serious about boosting the quality of traffic being directed to their site and have established an organic optimization campaign in place. Search engines are such an integral part of how visitors and potential clients find information on the internet, thus it becomes essential that websites are aligned with what the search engine is looking for. All the search engine marketing services next to hundreds of other SEO firms have gone through an evaluation system facilitated by a qualified and experienced team of researchers. 

“Though there are many firms who engage in Search Engine Marketing activities, the process is by no means easy. Getting a link to the top of a search engine’s results page requires a great amount of strategizing and only a company who understand the intricacies of organic optimization will be able to accomplish that,” said Jeev Trika, Managing Partner of topseos.hk (http://www.topseos.hk/).

The Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Companies in Hong Kong for December 2010 are: 
1.)                          Agog Digital Marketing Strategy Ltd.
2.)                          SEO Hongkong
3.)                          ASKLUI.COM
4.)                          SEM-LINK
5.)                          Primolution
6.)                          FocusSEO
7.)                          Search Easy Ltd.
8.)                          The Egg TM
9.)                          Ultimate Solution Limited
10.)                        Medream Limited 

topseos.hk has designed an evaluation process that specifically identifies SEO Companies in Hong Kong that excel in their performance and output. An in-depth assessment looks at how the firm works and is able to achieve its objectives. Part of the assessment process includes gathering feedback from at least three of the firm’s clients to understand their performance better. 

As part of their assessment, questions include both general and project specific queries such as, “What type of needs analysis was conducted before work initiated?”, “What type of a ROI were you anticipating, what was achieved and in what time frame?”, “What would be 3 things you would change about your experience?”, “What was your total investment?”, “Rate your overall experience (1-10; 10 being the highest).”, “What are the most competitive keywords you have been able to rank on the major search engines and how long did it take you to achieve those rankings?”, “Did the agency modify the way they achieved higher rankings for you based on the Universal Search model introduced by Google? How?”, “How comprehensive, specific, and useful are the reports that are offered to the client? What metrics do they cover?”, “Do the reports inform you what the next set of steps ought to be to achieve higher rankings and when you can expect to achieve the next set of goals by?” or “How many of your top industry keywords rank in the top 10? Which ones?”

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Google Webmaster Tools get SEO-friendly with Top Pages tab

Google Webmaster Tools now have an added feature, a new tab that allows website owners to see more details regarding search query data.

Top Pages feature allows search engine optimization users to view details of different queries that hit individual web pages. The data includes number of impressions and clicks made for every search term.

Clicking on a specific query will allow SEO users to view more detailed data about the query, leading to better performance evaluations.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Don’t misuse SEO—it’ll work against you

When misused by a company, search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns can work against the company in terms of rankings. In this case, ‘misuse’ refers to tactics that deliberately deceive internet consumers.

Trust is always the best foundation for any business.

When browsers type in a query, they expect to be redirected to safe and relevant sites. That’s why companies should always apply the best business practices. Search engines—like Google, Yahoo, and Bing—consistently make a strong effort to prevent malicious sites from ascending the rankings. Sites that misuse keywords usually don’t stay on top of the rankings for too long.

On the other hand, a properly employed SEO campaign has proven business benefits.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Facebook and Twitter help with SEO? You bet!

It has long been speculated exactly how much influence Facebook and Twitter have when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Since a lot of social networking sites implement nofollow values on links, it has long been said that while Facebook and Twitter are valuable in your overall SEO approach, link building and making your site SEO friendly are far more important when looking at the big picture.

However, a recent interview with both Google and Bing lends credibility to the overall impact Facebook, Twitter, and social media in general have in your SEO activity. SearchEngineLand.com reports that Google uses over 200 ranking factors when deciding where a page should appear in the search engine results pages, or SERPs.

Specifically, Google stated in the article that they pay attention to the data found in the Twitter “firehose”, that is a constant stream of what people are tweeting about in real time. In that data stream, links do not carry nofollow attributes as they do on your regular Twitter page. Google stated that if an article is retweeted or heavily referenced on Twitter, any included links are included as a ranking signal despite being listed as nofollow on the users Twitter page. Awesome!

Your Twitter reputation matters as well! Google and Bing both said they take into consideration the authority of the author when calculating ranking signals. Google specifically refers to it as author quality, while Bing mentions making associations with known public figures or publishers. Google and Bing also said that a link will carry more weight for the ranking calculation depending upon the person who tweets it.

Facebook is a little more obscure. Google and Bing both say they treat links shared on Facebook just like tweeted links, although getting specific user data might be a bit more difficult is the link isn’t marked to be shared with “Everyone”. The major difference here is while Bing calculates authority data on Twitter based on the individual Twitter user, the same calculation is not made on Facebook based on the individual Facebook user. Google, on the other hand, claims to extend the same treatment to Facebook as they do to Twitter with respect to user authority.

This is a very interesting interview that I would recommend any Webmaster to read. OurChurch.Com also has an SEO Tools and Tips section on our website which provides additional resources for increasing traffic to your website using Search Engine Optimization.

Will Google and Bing’s acknowledgment that links posted to Facebook and Twitter influence search rankings impact the way you use social media?

Read the original article and join the discussion at Facebook and Twitter help with SEO? You bet! 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Do You Really Need to Pay Someone for SEO?

The importance of Search Engine Rankings cannot be underestimated, especially in these days, where there are millions of websites on the Internet, and with every other person starting his/her own site. In order for your site to get a good amount of traffic, it must certainly be at the top of the rankings for its particular niche. A good ranking in the search engines will ensure a steady flow of traffic to your website, and will thus allow you to connect with your visitors, and even monetize the website. In order to get to the top, you need to perform Search Engine Optimization on your website, which is more popularly known as SEO.

SEO involves optimizing the meta keywords of your website, and regularly updating your site with fresh content so that the search engines will be happy. Once this is done properly, you will steadily notice your site climb up in the rankings for the selected keywords, and will soon get a steady amount of traffic, which you can use to help develop your site and plan further action.

The art of SEO is tricky, but isn’t impossible. All it takes is a little patience to learn the tricks and apply them to the websites at hand. There are a few people who take the time to learn these tricks and end up becoming experts, and are able to help others achieve good results for their websites. These experts often try to monetize their talents by offering their SEO Services to any one who is interested in getting their website to the top of the search engine rankings. They charge a pretty amount for these services, and many webmasters, realizing the importance of a good search engine ranking, give in to these fees, no matter how high they may seem. After all, they just care for the results.

The truth is that, anyone with a little patience can do all this stuff; SEO services can be offered by anyone, and you can even start offering your own services to other people, thus opening up a new stream of income for yourself. All it takes is a little time to learn the tricks involved in optimizing websites for search engines. It could take anywhere between a few weeks to a few months; but once you have got the hang of it, then you will have a skill that will no doubt be very useful in the long term.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SEOcret Santa: The Secret Santa for SEOs!

Though the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) industry has its fair share of scammers, spammers, and… snake oil…ammers(?), it also happens to be chock-full of awesome people who would bend over backwards to help their colleagues succeed — never mind bond with one another. It is from within the latter SEO intelligentsia that ideas like this are birthed: SEOcret Santa

That’s right; Freelance SEO Consultant Joanna Butler and E-Business Consultant Dan Barker have put together a “Secret Santa” event for SEOs! What a great way to take an idea from the holiday season and apply it to an industry full of friends and strangers alike. Straight from “SERPLand,” here are the (paraphrased) details of SEOcret Santa should you want to take part:
1. Only 1 sign up per person: of course!
2. Real names and addresses needed: this is a genuine gift swap after all! If you’re uncomfortable giving your address (or want to do this as well) then an Amazon wishlist URL would be great! More information on how to set this up is being put together now.
3. Price guideline: we’re going to recommend the usual secret Santa gift value of around £5 (About $7-8 USD).
4. Gift inspiration and letters to @SEOcretSanta: we recommend you use Tom Critchlow‘s awesome book list site, 7bks.com, as a great way to subtly advertise any books you’re hoping for and get inspiration from others! And of course you’re welcome to tweet / comment / blog / write on the SEOcret Santa Facebook page and otherwise promote any suggestions or wishlists you like! Just remember to tweet with the #SEOcretSanta hashtag so Santa can listen in!
5. When you receive your gift: take a photo of it (and you if possible!) and tweet it with the hashtag #SEOcretSanta!
Sign Up Now:
Make sure you include all of the following info and then email / DM us:
* Real name
* Email address
* Real address (and/or an Amazon Wishlist URL)
* Amazon Wishlist address – don’t forget to make it public!
* Let us know if you’d rather stay a Secret Santa by opting in or out of being revealed at any time. We may reveal Secret Santas at Christmas!
Send your details to:
* Email us at: SEOcretSanta@gmail.com
* DM us (tweet at us to make sure we’re following you!): @SEOcretSanta
That’s it! The deadline is 6pm GMT on Thursday 9th December.
So, there you have it! If you’re interested in taking part, you know what to do. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes. I know plenty of other industries that would do well to get something like this going, but… you know… not all industries are as awesome as this one or contain people as awesome as Joanna and Dan. And besides, just how many industries can turn “Secret Santa” into an industry-related term with the addition of just one letter!?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Google alters search algorithm to punish SEO abusers

While many firms use B2B search engine optimization to promote their websites in respectable ways, some use rather unscrupulous SEO strategies to bolster their search rankings.

Now, Google has altered its search algorithm to better deal with the second group of search marketers. The change was inspired by an internet retailer who demeaned his customers until they posted links to his website on popular complaint websites and forums, which helped him achieve higher rankings on Google.

While Google was cryptic as to what precisely was altered, company spokespeople wrote on its official blog that it would actively work to prevent similar situations from arising in the future. The strategy used by Google "detects the merchant from the Times article along with hundreds of other merchants that, in our opinion, provide an extremely poor user experience" and penalizes them based on their rankings.

According to a recent report from comScore, more than 11 billion searches are conducted though Google each month. Business owners should ensure that their search engine optimization strategies are ethically sound if they wish to reach this audience.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Save 45% SEO cost with BrainShakers Interactive

BrainShakers Interactive has announced a new scheme which can help businesses cut their SEO operating costs by up to 45%. BrainShakers Interactive is a niche marketing company with an established client base in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and India.

BrainShakers Interactive said, “Our new vertical allows a business to hire a dedicated Link Building expert who will use specialized SEO off page and Link Building techniques to drive traffic on the web. We’ll be using Google Caffeine, Instant Search and Google Realtime solutions to power up our campaigns. Integrating Google Search Ethics and Strategies with Link-Building and off-page SEO tactics will bring about an cost and result effective on-line marketing plan. These pay off in a big way in terms of higher sales through qualified leads. The festive season is a great time to launch a campaign.”

Link Building is a part of every SEO marketing campaign, since it’s an important factor which search engines use to evaluate a website. Lots of links pointing to a website means that the website is a popular one. Link popularity has a direct relationship to search engine results, which means that the more popular a website is, the higher its page rank.

Higher visibility on the search engines translates to more hits, with enhanced opportunities to convert leads into sales. Raising the link popularity of a website is a pivotal method of boosting its visibility, and makes for a bigger slice of the market pie for the company.

BrainShakers Interactive added, “The packages we’re offering are very cost-effective, and quality is guaranteed. Our Link Building resources choose only the best websites which impact your business positively. They obtain the best quality, relevant links over extended periods.”

“Our clients’ site rankings should peak at just the right time to catch the shopping wave during the holiday season. We all know that the end-of-year period is a crucial time for companies selling products. A large percentage of their yearly sales occur during this time. It’s our pleasure to contribute to their business growth.”

About BrainShakers Interactive

BrainShakers Interactive is a leading India-based provider of comprehensive internet marketing services. The company’s packages include Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising, Link Building , Web Design and Web Development.


Organisation: BrainShakers Interactive Pvt. Ltd.
E-171, Sector 63, Noida, UP
Tel: +91 120 4243247
Email: info@brainshakers.com
website: http://www.brainshakers.com/outsource-offpage-seo.html
Linkedin Profile: http://in.linkedin.com/in/brainshakers

Google First Page Placement Announced

Steven Lloyd, a spokesperson for Sterling & Pope Publishing Corp, announced a new business breakthrough for small business owners and Google’s first page placement availability.

Steven Lloyd, Managing Partner of Sterling & Pope Publishing said, "Our firm can now assist any size organization or individual to get their message onto Google’s first page for the Keyword rich category where they are wanting or needing exposure. This process is new, unique, cost effective, and can work very quickly.”

Small and medium size companies normally have to spend thousands of dollars on Google Pay Per Click ads that have varying degrees of success. Or, they need to invest thousands of dollars on a search engine optimization firm (SEO) and take months to get ranked for search terms that may or may not work. 

"Our clients don’t even need a website for our new system to work because there is a standalone page where the Google promotion is placed. This new form of Google first page placement can get any organization on the first page or Google,” Lloyd said. ”There are also additional uses of this piece. It can be emailed or mailed to clients and prospective clients. This new first page strategy is being used for many people and companies of all sizes and supporting many different business and service categories.”

To get more information, visit: http://www.SuccessCounts.com, or call 800-317-9798. 

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Search Engine Optimization in an Increasingly Social World

While many (foolishly) argue that SEO is dead, that isn't likely to happen soon. Matt Cutts tells us that SEO is here to stay, and I agree. 

But SEO is changing rapidly, and one of the biggest forces driving those changes is the increasingly social nature of the web.

Search Engine Motivations

One fascinating thing about SEO is the constant change. Most of us experience this through the changes made by the search engines to their results, such as the recent advent of Google Boost. What interests me more is what motivates these changes?

We could provide the simplistic answer of "increasing profits," which would be correct, but it isn't sufficient. It may sound trite, but the answer for both search engines is increased user satisfaction. 

In Google's case, this is measured by click-through rates, low bounce rates, and a variety of other metrics. These types of metrics are seen by the search engines as social signals. 

Google's sources for this data include: Google Analytics, the Google Toolbar, Custom Search Engines, and user behavior within the search engine itself. Data available to everyone includes user engagement with social media sites. Google has more access to data on user behavior than any other entity on the planet. 

Some of you may think I'm missing the fact that large companies are inherently evil and Google is no exception. Let's not debate that point. The profit motive of Google (and Bing as well) is well served by high levels of customer satisfaction. 

Google's huge market share is the key source of its profits, and they have a huge disincentive to drive down that market share. If you were Google, would you make changes that increase your profits today by 5 percent if you knew that you would lose 10 percent in market share over the next year, probably to an extremely dangerous competitor, such as Bing or Faceboook? No.

That market share is the golden goose that drives profits. Google wants to maintain or increase that market share by using the enormous amounts of data it has to constantly test new ideas and increase user satisfaction.
With Bing and Facebook pushing new and innovative ideas, the pressure is enormous. Users aren't compelled to use Google, and all these services are free, so switching costs are low. Don't piss me off Google, or I'll take my searches elsewhere!

Social Sites

Another aspect is the interactions on social media sites. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter are the obvious examples, but there are also user reviews, comments in various forums, spam complaints, blog postings, news articles, and more. These all provide signals to the search engines. 

Volume of activity is one signal. Lots of references to your site is certainly an interesting data point, but sentiment analysis also allows search engines to get a signal as to whether people like what you're doing.
Thinking about a spammy link campaign? Think again, because someone might decide to spill the beans on you and start a raging discussion on a blog, or set of blogs, about your site, or do it on a forum somewhere. That would provide negative sentiment signals. 

Plan to do some guest posting and provide people with crappy articles because all you care about is the link? Bad idea. 

Starting to build thousands of crappy web pages to capture the long tail of search? Could well backfire on you.

In our highly social online environment, the true spam police is us. Our behavior on a web site can impact the way the search engines perceive it. 

What we write as comments on a blog post is crawled, interpreted, and read. Is there a risk of manipulating this collection of signals? Not easily. 

Social communities guard the sanctity of their environments more thoroughly than any search engine ever could. Spammers still can run a bot that jams thousands of comments into inactive forums and blogs, but the search engines aren't going to put much weight on that. A discussion involving a popular Twitter user, or on a popular blog like TechCrunch will get a lot more weight.

How Does Social Behavior Affect SEO?

The main impact is on the amount of time you must focus on providing a positive user experience on your web site. 

Tim Ash will love me for saying this (but I'll say it anyway!), website conversion optimization is now an important part of SEO. So is a deep understanding of usability and web design. As Kim Krause Berg would argue, a holistic approach to usability and SEO is required.

Traditional SEO thinking would tell us that videos and graphics should be used sparingly, and that text is king. However, the web is a place where instant impressions matter most, and few people want to engage in paragraphs of text. 

Put another way, people want visual experiences. If you don't take the time to do that, what are you? To many, that is the mark of a spammer. 

People don't hang out for long periods of time on sites that they believe are spam. This may not be entirely fair, but the judge and jury is the user.

This doesn't mean that text is dead. It still plays a big role in driving the long tail, and providing the search engines with context that they can't get from other signals. So you should have text as a part of your pages, but if you implement large gobs of text on the page you may drive users away and hurt your SEO results to boot. 

Balance is key. In addition, there are some types of pages where large quantities of text are highly desirable. Someone who just found out they have cancer will want to read everything they can get on the topic.

From a link building perspective, it's important to provide value wherever you go. Give them something valuable to link to. Or, if you're giving them an article, give them good stuff to post. 

Is that guest post something that someone might tweet? If you spew a hundred articles out in guest posts and no one ever tweets any of them, you've just provided a signal of low quality user experiences that reflects poorly on your site.

Embrace the Social Web

Instead of focusing on the negative, focus on the positive. Embrace the social web, feed it good stuff, and it will embrace you back. 

This isn't meant as a "build and they will come" statement. You need to actively promote your stuff. You need to tell the world about it. 

But, if you're truly a contributor, no one will mind. In fact, they will jump right in and do some promoting for you. Now that's a positive signal!

New Internet Marketing Company Launched

Eyewide Hotel Internet Marketing Services – a company providing web development, web hosting, web services, social media marketing services and Search Engine Optimization – launched the brand new internet site of Syrou Melathron Hotel in Syros, Greece (http://www.syroumelathron.gr).The imposing main building of the Syrou Melathron hotel was built in Vaporia, the aristocratic district of the capital Ermoupolis, during the 19th century (1857). Fans of neo-classical beauty are impressed by it as it has been preserved and most of it has been kept intact with its balconies of Parian marble, the unique antefixes, archaic gables and wooden-carved eaves still present. In 1988, the building was officially declared a historical monument, and over the years it has been expanded and has adapted to the needs of the modern era, combining the aesthetics of the 19th century with all the comforts of a contemporary hotel. 

The primary purpose of Eyewide Hotel Internet Marketing Services is creating a user friendly website where easy navigation, high aesthetics and functionality are the main characteristics.

Syrou Melathron Hotel has signed a cooperation contract with the Eyewide Hotel Internet Marketing Services for the following services:

- Hotel Internet Marketing
- Web development
- Search Engine Optimization
- Ad campaigns

Syrou Melathron Hotel wish to welcome you in their new website http://www.villasluxurycrete.com
Visit the website of Eyewide Hotel Internet Marketing Services at http://www.eyewide.gr
EyeWide Hotel Internet Marketing Services – based in Crete Greece, is activated in the field of hosting, design, development and Search Engine Optimization of dynamic web pages.

The innovative integrated solutions that the company proposes and implements, make all customers fully satisfied, whether they are building their first appearance on the Internet or wishing to upgrade at every level their weak and ineffective presence on the Internet.

Some of the services Eyewide offers:
- Construction and development of web pages in CMS
- Search Engine Optimization Marketing
- Pay Per Click Marketing
- Social Media Marketing
- Online Reputation Management (tripadvisor, holidaycheck)
- Email Marketing
- eBrochures Creation

Contact Details
Eyewide Hotel Internet Marketing Services
Konstantinoupoleos 12
71304 Heraklion Crete Greece
Tel: +302810 250180 & +302810 333175
Fax: +302810-333205
Url: http://www.eyewide.gr
Email: minasl@eyewide.gr
Contact Person: Liapakis Minas

Monday, November 29, 2010

Why Is A Social Networking Profile Better Than A Directory Listing?

Directory listings have been useful in search for a long time. Before the development of the internet, it was often directories which searchers turned to when looking for a business of some sort. Online directories are still used by some and do retain their place within the search market. This is why it is advisable for businesses to have a listing in the most popular and relevant online directories. However, directories are no longer one of the main sources of traffic for businesses.

Social networking websites are now proving even more influential in search. Having a profile in a social networking website such as Facebook or Twitter can make a massive difference to the brand development of a business and the amount of traffic it directs to its web pages. Directories may still play a small part in search but social networking sites are playing an increasingly larger role and so must be acknowledged.

A social networking profile enables a business owner to share a great amount of information about what they do with others within the community. Information about the products they sell and the services they offer can all be given in detail so those which read the content can gain a full understanding of what the company is about and what is on offer to them. With a simple directory listing this is not possible. A directory listing only contains basic information and does not provide any extra detail about the company.

Social networking sites also enable communication and interaction between site owners and their audiences to take place quickly and easily. A large number of consumers like to communicate online and businesses can offer a greater level of customer support by doing this. Using social networking sites, it is easy for potential customers to ask questions and find out more without having to commit or feel pressured into buying.

Social networking sites are also extremely useful because they can offer potential customers a well rounded view of a business. They can read the content the business provides but can also explore their reputation by exploring other information about the company present in the online community. Many social networkers share business information of this kind and it can be particularly useful for those wanting a little bit of reassurance before becoming a customer. If they can read positive feedback about your business from others who have already used your service, you will gain their trust.

If you are still relying on directories for online exposure and traffic then you will be missing a number of useful opportunities. Directory listings can still be useful but other techniques such as the use of social networking websites must also be explored if hoping for SEO success.

At SEO Consult, we can provide you with a number of productive SEO techniques which can be used for the benefit of your business. We can show you what your business needs and use these methods effectively to produce the results you want.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Focusing SEO on Google over Yahoo and Bing may cost traffic

While Google is the No. 1 search engine, it's important that marketers also consider Bing and Yahoo for their search engine optimization strategies. According to a recent report from Chitika, many brands are missing out on potential traffic and revenue by not taking Bing-powered search engines into account.

Chitika found that as many as 46.5 percent of brands aren't optimized for Bing or Yahoo, which is now powered by Microsoft's search engine. Additionally, websites that aren't optimized for these two search engines are missing out on a 9.4 percent lift in search traffic.

"By combining forces, Bing and Yahoo have made it not only possible, but necessary to optimize for a powerful No. 2 search engine," says Chitika CTO Alden DoRosario. "Our publishers are very smart, but so many of them need to put some hard work into making sure Bing loves them as much as Google does."

According to recent comScore reports, Bing and Yahoo account for 31 percent of all searches conducted by American consumers. In the month of October, more than 17 billion queries were performed on the search engines overall.

Monday, November 22, 2010

More SEO for Christmas

The Holiday season brings more online sales.

Research indicates that the Christmas season boosts online gift sales by as much as 70 percent. This occurs during the build-up months to Christmas, including October and November.

This is the time for online retailers to boost their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts to capitalize on potential customers.

Experts suggest that retailers also invest in furnishing pay per click (PPC) campaigns that focus on top keywords.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Why SEO Backlinks Make A Big Difference In Page Rankings

Dallas, TX- Businesses looking for a way to get their websites noticed must turn to making SEO backlinks. What are they? A backlink is when a website links back to another site. This may not sound like much, but for experienced internet marketers, this paves the way to internet gold. Why? Because the search engine mega giant Google uses them to determine where a site can rank in their search engine.

Google is the number 1 search engine and the number 2 most visited site in the world most recently behind Facebook. Therefore, if a properly laid out execution strategy for seo backlinks gets Google’s rankings, it makes them that much more valuable for search engine optimization firms.

“We pride ourselves in our ability to rank our clients for any given keyword on Google,” says Nicolas Samson, a web expert at sisaseo.com.

That sentiment is reported by anyone who is in the business of getting page ranks, internet marketers, seo firms and small businesses everywhere look for ways and means to get in the fight for crucial market share.

In these times of rising costs and dwindling profit margins, it helps to get the edge in what was a usually overlooked practice of search engine optimization.

“Clients come to us now, that have had no intentions of getting their web presence intact are now realizing the benefit of a few coordinated efforts,” Samson said.

When people look toward SEO, as opposed Pay Per Click, the return on the dollar in monumentally in favor of the search engine optimization efforts done by quality seo firms.

To begin reaching more customers for your business or internet related project, visit sisaseo.com

Australia’s Best Search Engine Optimization Services Ranked By topseos.com.au for November 2010

topseos.com.au, an independent authority on search vendors has named the Top 30 Search Engine Optimization Firms in Australia for the month of November 2010.  Companies are already becoming serious about boosting the quality of traffic being directed to their site and have established an organic optimization campaign in place. Search engines are such an integral part of how visitors and potential clients find information on the internet, thus it becomes essential that websites are aligned with what the search engine is looking for.  All the search engine marketing services next to hundreds of other SEO firms have gone through an evaluation system facilitated by a qualified and experienced team of researchers.  

“Though there are many firms who engage in Search Engine Marketing activities, the process is by no means easy. Getting a link to the top of a search engine's results page requires a great amount of strategizing and only a company who understand the intricacies of organic optimization will be able to accomplish that,” said Jeev Trika, Managing Partner of topseos.com.au (http://www.topseos.com.au). 

The Top 30 Search Engine Optimization Companies in Australia for November 2010 are: 

1.)                        LT SEO
2.)                        DGM Australia
3.)                        Web Profits
4.)                        Acidgreen
5.)                        WebiMax
6.)                        Netex Solutions
7.)                        WebSight Australia
8.)                        SEO Company Sydney
9.)                        Rotapix Interactive Media
10.)                      TopRankings.com.au
11.)                      Search Engine Experts
12.)                      Kanga Internet
13.)                      Rank First
14.)                      SEO Sydney
15.)                      Salsa Internet
16.)                      Web Marketing Experts
17.)                      ROI.com.au
18.)                      ineedhits.com Pty Ltd
19.)                      Net Starter
20.)                      Exa Web Solutions
21.)                      RedFly Marketing
22.)                      Arrow Internet Pty Ltd
23.)                      E-Web Marketing Pty Ltd
24.)                      SEO Works
25.)                      papdan.com
26.)                      HGWS Digital Media
27.)                      Amplify
28.)                      Mitash - Results Driven Interactive Agency
29.)                      Clear Light Digital
30.)                      Webfirm Pty Ltd. 

topseos.com.au has designed an evaluation process that specifically identifies SEO Companies in Australia that excel in their performance and output. An in-depth assessment looks at how the firm works and is able to achieve its objectives. Part of the assessment process includes gathering feedback from at least three of the firm’s clients to understand their performance better.  

As part of their assessment, questions include both general and project specific queries such as, “What type of needs analysis was conducted before work initiated?”, “What type of a ROI were you anticipating, what was achieved and in what time frame?”, “What would be 3 things you would change about your experience?”, “What was your total investment?”, “Rate your overall experience (1-10; 10 being the highest).”, “What are the most competitive keywords you have been able to rank on the major search engines and how long did it take you to achieve those rankings?”, “Did the agency modify the way they achieved higher rankings for you based on the Universal Search model introduced by Google?  How?”, “How comprehensive, specific, and useful are the reports that are offered to the client?  What metrics do they cover?”, “Do the reports inform you what the next set of steps ought to be to achieve higher rankings and when you can expect to achieve the next set of goals by?” or “How many of your top industry keywords rank in the top 10?  Which ones?”

Complete Search Engine Optimization Package for $1

Still wondering why your website receives little to no traffic?

If so, you're not alone. Many webmasters are completely perplexed with how to generate steady, targeted traffic to their websites. That fact is, you could have the most beautiful, customer-oriented website in the world selling a red hot product or service, but if nobody knows it exists it simply isn't going to do you any good. We've all tried purchasing traffic, joining traffic generating websites , trading links with other webmasters, etc. only to find out that these methods simply do not work.

For your website to be a success, it must be ranking well in the major search engines. Here are a few eye opening facts:

* 93% of consumers worldwide use search engines to find and access websites.

Source: Forrester Research

* 57% of internet users search the web every day and 46% of those searches are for product information or services.

Source: SRI

* Attracting a loyal audience to your website is best achieved through top search engine listings.

Source: Forrester Research Media Field Study

With this being the case, it only makes sense for you to stop wasting time and money on other traffic generating schemes and to start focusing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website.

Search engine optimization consists of three primary areas:

1. Keyword Analysis and Definition: Keyword analysis is the process of determining what key phrases people are actually entering into the search engines that relate directly to your product or services and are being search on a regular basis.

2. On Page Optimization: Website optimization or "on page optimization" is the process of arranging the content and structure of a web page based on its primary keywords. The purpose of this is to enable the search engines to easily crawl each page of a website and to determine the theme and keyword relevancy of each page.

3. Off Page Optimization: Link building or “off page optimization” is the process of building one way links to your website that contain the specific keywords that you are attempting to rank for within the major search engines. Each backlink is considered a “vote” for your website and the more “votes” you have, the more popular the search engines will see your website as being and therefore will better rank your website for the specific keywords you are after.

http://www.isellpr.com offers complete Search Engine Optimization packages that not only focus on these key areas, but essentially focus on everything necessary to get your website ranking well in all the major search engines. Not only do we offer these complete packages, but we have an a limited time offer for you:

From now through the end of November if you sign up for our Bronze SEO Package your first month of service will cost only $1.00* We are so confident that our services will work for you that we are willing to give you your first month of service for only one buck*. Think about it - $1 doesn't even buy you a cup of coffee these days, yet you can now buy an entire month's worth of Professional Search Engine Optimization for your website which will help bring you the desired search engine traffic and sales that your company seeks. This package includes:

* In-Depth Keyword Analysis and Definition
* Professional Title, Meta, and Alt Tag Creation & Implementation
* .XML Sitemap Creation and Submission to Search Engines
* Hand Submit Website to All Major Search Engines
* High Page Rank Link Building**
* Manual Directory Submissions**
* Manual Social Bookmarking**
* Much More!

Please be advised that this is a limited time opportunity and is only valid through the month of November. http://www.isellpr.com has never made this offer in the past and may very well never offer it again. So Don't Delay! To puchase this package right now, simply click on the link to our website.

So what are you waiting for? Make your website a success today! This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to have your website professionally optimized, which will ensure the high search engine rankings and traffic your website deserves.

*This is a monthly recurring campaign subscription. Three month minimum enrollment required. First month of service is billed at $1 and succeeding monthly cost is billed at $327.
**All link building services start on the 2nd month of the campaign and repeat monthly thereafter.