Sunday, January 27, 2013

Website Design and SEO Company, RevBuilders Marketing Launches New Website for Recycling and Waste Company

As part of a larger re-branding effort headed by the collaborative efforts of Brand Design, Sigma College of Small Business, and RevBuilders Marketing, EnviroSolutions, Inc. recently launched a re-designed website. The new website comes after numerous efforts by all parties to redefine the company’s image in order to help it compete with the other major players in the industry, such as Waste Management.

“I don’t think most people are aware of which company manages the waste at their home or place of business,” says Scot Small, President of RevBuilders Marketing. “That means that they aren’t considering the possibility of there being a better way. We tried to capture the different efforts which ESI makes to be environmentally friendly as part of the re-branding and redesigned their website with this focus in mind, while also giving their site a much needed overhaul in terms of functionality and style.”

“We’re excited to be launching our new website,” says Gary Hewes, Vice President of EnviroSolutions, Inc. “RevBuilders Marketing worked closely with us to develop the new website. They made the process smooth from design to launch, making it easy for us to get our message out.”

Many municipalities throughout the country encourage recycling through education-based initiatives, and many of these are sponsored by local waste companies like EnviroSolutions, Inc. These businesses are also often the first to apply new methods to reducing the overall volume of waste which is put into a landfill, as well as new ways of harvesting useful natural resources such as biogas and water from the landfills. “It’s an important job that ESI has,” says Small. “We hope our efforts allow them to provide their services to even more of the people who need it.”

About Brand Design
Brand Design has been in business for more than 17 years, providing in-house marketing and branding services. The company focuses on small to medium size businesses, associations and other non-profit institutions. Brand Design is established locally in Fauquier and surrounding counties, serving clients in and around the Washington Metro Area, North Carolina and South Carolina.

About Sigma College of Small Business
Sigma College of Small Business is a business development consultant agency and social media marketing trainer. Founded by Jamie Gorman in 2008, the company is concerned with helping businesses improve how they meet management, financial, strategic and marketing needs for their company. After several years working with small business owners in his spare time, Gorman realized the need for practical, convenient and affordable business management education for small business owners. Visit for more information.

About RevBuilders Marketing
RevBuilders Marketing is a full-service online marketing & branding agency, offering a complete range of integrated online marketing services: SEO or Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search Management, Social Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Writing & Branding. In addition, through effective Web Design and conversion optimization, RevBuilders converts the increased SEO traffic into leads and sales for their clients. RevBuilders Marketing is located in Gainesville, Virginia, serving a client-base across the country. Click here for more information.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 a Rocky Year for SEO and Medical Marketing

SEO 1 Medical has published a list of Google algorithm changes that have sent shock waves throughout the SEO Landscape and the healthcare marketing world. The published article offers remedies to address the dramatic changes and penalties that have affected search engine rankings of millions of medical websites.

Dallas ,TX (PRWEB) December 31, 2012

Dallas based SEO 1 Medical, a search engine optimization company specializing in medical marketing has published a new article highlighting the major turning points in SEO. With over 28 updates in a 12 month span, Google has fundamentally changed the criteria used to rank websites. Medical websites, in the competitive healthcare industry, were significantly affected sending doctors, medical practitioners, and SEO consultants back to the marketing drawing board.

The Motive Behind the Change
Whether this is a move prompted by Google’s desire to protect its revenue stream as many marketing professionals have suggested or simply an improvement of the search results, the changes are here to stay. The magnitude, the scope and the timing of the algorithm changes caught everyone off guard; the truth of the matter is that it was to be expected sooner or later. "Our SEO strategies have always included 'what if' scenarios designed to anticipate Google algorithm changes and avoid the rippled effects," said Rodney Brooke of SEO 1 Medical. “Google is slowly making a transition from being a technology company to being the world’s biggest advertising company."

Why the turmoil
The 2012 unprecedented updates in Google search algorithms, whatever the motives may have been, have cause havoc in search engine results. The updates meant sending millions of medical websites down pages in search engine results. For medical practices that get most of their patients through the internet, that spelled out disaster.

The Solution
Despite the harsh consequences of the Panda and Penguin update and the loss of revenue to millions to medical professionals, SEO 1 Medical has crafted a strategy to turn the newest challenge into a competitive advantage. The article titled: "2012 A Rocky Year for SEO and Medical Marketing" offers practical advice on how to address the changes and correct penalties. Updates in search algorithms will continue regardless and it is incumbent on individual website owners and SEOs to find their way around all this.

The way forward
SEO 1 medical concedes that some of the changes initiated by Google were prompted by unscrupulous SEO companies and warns against engaging in unethical SEO techniques. SEO 1 Medical advocates a holistic approach to optimization and states, “Google is providing tools to help websites that are affected by these updates, and the sooner you seek help in revamping your healthcare facility's website the better. The longer you wait the worse things will get for you and your practice”