Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Search Engine Marketing Company Eniche Solutions Acquires IcaptureMarketing.com

On Monday, November 19, 2012, Eniche Solutions announced the acquisition of icapturemarketing.com.
Icapturemarketing.com is a Los Angeles marketing company that specializes in the custom development of advanced websites and marketing solutions. More specifically, icapturemarketing.com is known for building automated marketing systems that help the search engine optimization value and traffic of a website. The company also builds custom websites and specializes in using platforms such as social engine and Wordpress.

With the acquisition of Icapturemarketing.com, Eniche Solutions plans to significantly expand its operations. Although the specific terms of the deal are confidential, it is known that leading Los Angeles web developer and president of Icapturemarketing.com Nicholas Lucas will continue to run Icapturemarketing.com in addition to engaging in custom web development under the Eniche Solutions brand. 

When asked about the deal, Nicholas Lucas stated, "I am excited about working with Eniche Solutions and getting more involved with search engine optimization and social media."

For more information about the deal between Eniche Solutions and Icapturemarketing.com, call (800) 551-6288. 

With its main offices located in Los Angeles, California, Eniche Solutions is an internet marketing company that focuses on search engine optimization and niche marketing for attorneys and other professional service industries.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Optimize Your SEO for Higher Page Ranking

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever-moving target influenced by two unique elements.  As we outline an SEO strategy for our clients, we identify “on-page” and “off-page” components.  Each of these elements should have complementary strategies, adhere to industry best practices, and subscribe to the latest Google algorithms in order to maximize performance.

Even though the priority between on-page and off-page SEO is evolving – becoming more heavily weighted to off-page elements, it is crucial to properly execute the structural elements that make a good website.  A solid foundation containing well-written, engaging content, intuitive navigation and high aesthetic quality provides better user experience and a great starting point for lowering bounce rates and improving search returns.  It is all part of the SEO self-fulfilling prophecy: The more people who visit your site and find it useful, the higher ranked it is with the various search engines.

Meta descriptions, page titles and keywords all still play an important role in the development of SEO and should not be overlooked. When considering on-page SEO, content is king.  Pertinent words and concepts are more easily pulled from clear and consistent site copy.  These characteristics may then be used to refine page titles and keywords.  The synergy between copy and keywords helps the site designer build pages that are easily read and “crawler-friendly” on the font-end.

It also helps the website coder to more easily reflect metadata on the back-end.  Code should be clean and easy for Google to navigate. So, pull out any javascript or repeating bits of code and put them into ‘include’ files. For instance, if your header and footer are exactly the same on each page, create header and footer elements from them and include them in the page instead of repeating the code on every page. This keeps the code sparse and makes for easier maintenance down the road.  When executed correctly, the process lends itself to individually indexed pages for higher priority ranking in response to specific search terms.
On Page considerations when building or updating your site:
  1. Content is king.  Relevant, well-written content is essential to effective on-page SEO.
  2. Don’t try to trick or outsmart the algorithm.  The days of massive keyword lists and hidden text are long over.
  3. Be thoughtful of page titles, headlines, bolded text and internal links.  Headlines should incorporate keywords for the page and should be wrapped in <H1> or <H2> tags to indicate importance.
  4. Links should use relative keywords. Instead of using “Read more >>” You should use “Read more about keyword here >>” in the code.
  5. Update visuals and content frequently.  The algorithm views a continually evolving site as more relevant and authoritative than a stagnant, dated site.
  6. Design and write your site to maximize appeal within your target audience.  Throughout site development efforts, keep in mind SEO’s primary function—to more highly rank the best, most useful sites.
  7. Create an XML site map for your site.  Index every page to make it easy to for Google to find you. Include the index in the root of your FTP server.
  8. Understand on-page enhancements are foundational.  They set the stage, but it takes a well conceived and implemented combination of on-page as well as off-page strategies and tactics to take full advantage of SEO capabilities.
Remember, a website is simply a tool, albeit a very important tool, in the much larger marketing communications tool box.  Well conceived and implemented on-page and off-page SEO strategies, combined with other sales and marketing efforts greatly affect search engine rankings. This approach will provide long term benefits and will position your organization to take advantage of synergies created from a comprehensive, strategic marketing communications plan

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why small business needs SEO consultants

For small businesses, visibility is the most important aspect of any marketing initiative. Without visibility to an audience, there can be very little in the way of customer conversion, not to mention analysis for the improvement of future marketing plans.

Small businesses today have the advantage of the Internet, which allows them to compete on an even playing field with market leaders in their industry. However, in order to access that “even playing field,” a small business must be well into with the gatekeepers to visibility online – the major search engines.

The major search engines, led by Google, hold the key to the visibility of any website online. With literally thousands of new websites being created on a daily basis, any business that does not know how to make itself known within the offices of the major search engines will be relegated to the depths of obscurity. It does not matter how good the brand or the product is when a business is just starting out; search engine optimization is everything.

Search engine optimization can be defined as the techniques that allow website to become visible within the major search engines, thus becoming much more visible online to a targeted audience. There are many aspects of search engine optimization, and the discipline continues to become more precise with every search engine algorithm update. The techniques that works only five years ago will not only stagnate the process of a website today, but they will also get a website blacklisted as well.

Today, search engine optimization is a full-time job. There are very few small businesses with the manpower or the time to dedicate the right amount of resources and employees toward search engine optimization while still having enough resources to devote to the day-to-day operations of business.

Most small businesses that are successful create partnerships with search engine optimization consultants that perform the majority of the legwork of a search engine optimization strategy.

A search engine optimization consultant will be able to inform the online marketing process of a business, steering clear pitfalls and ensuring that its efforts are met with the greatest amount of success possible. A good consultant will also be able to navigate the ever-changing waters of search engine optimization, informing a business when it needs to change strategies before the older strategies become a hazard to online visibility.

Below are just a few of the aspects of search engine optimization and a good consultant can take care of.

One – Keyword optimization

The first and most important aspect of search engine optimization is defining the key words of the website. This will help the search engine algorithm to index the website properly and listed under the proper keywords. Keywords are the words that people type into a search engine query boxes in order to find a solution to their problems. In order to direct the visibility of a business online toward an audience that will likely receive it well, a website must be listed under the appropriate keywords. For instance, you want to find the keywords with the highest traffic and least competition.

Two – Link building vs link earning.

The ability to build links that point toward a website encompass an important part of the overall ranking of that website within the major search engines. The major search engines consider a site that is linked to a great deal to be reputable and informative. Sites that are reputable will be listed much higher in search engine rankings than sites that are deemed uninformative.
However, it is not enough to simply throw links around on any webpage that can find. The major search engines also take note of the reputation of websites that link to a business as well. In order to raise the ranking of a website, business must have links from highly reputable websites. Today is is about earning links not just link building. Link earning is were you create content or a community which is please to share links with you.

Three – Social media mentions and interaction

Social media and search engine optimization are more intrinsically connected than ever before. Just as the search engines consider links point to a website to be indicative of a website’s reputation, social media mentions also speak to the reputation of a website. If a business wants to be ranked highly in the major search engines, it should invest in an SEO consultant that knows how to get social media mentions.In particular the use of Google Plus is very important for search engine rankings.

If you need more advice on SEO consultants you should contact SBSEO the specialists in small business and start up SEO