Monday, November 28, 2011

Adobe Integrates BrightEdge Technology, Opens Search Campaigns

Adobe has integrated digital marketing suite technology from search engine optimization platform provider BrightEdge to support search marketing campaigns. The companies plan to announce the integration on Monday.

SEO and paid-search campaigns influence each other. Web analytics supports both. The module combines BrightEdge SEO data with Adobe's Web analytics and bidding optimization features.

The integration across BrightEdge S3 and both Adobe SiteCatalyst and Adobe SearchCenter+ aims to knock down the walls separating organic and paid-search campaigns. It pulls in search query terms and rank for company marketers using the platform, as well as organic search-ranking data from competitors.

The combination allows users to see how paid and organic campaigns rank and provides on-site engagement or conversion metrics in one report. It also supports an unlimited number of SEO keywords, keyword groups, business units and results for more than 40 countries and major search engines from the ISO-security certified BrightEdge platform.

Marketers integrating the BrightEdge S3 platform and Adobe SearchCenter+ can create bid strategies based on both paid and organic keyword activity, as well as gain access to combined reports and rich keyword expansion possibilities. The hope is that SearchCenter bid rules can return higher return on investments, because there is a better understanding of the value of a keyword, rather than just its paid-search value.

Adobe began building a strategy to support search engine marketing just prior to the acquisition of Omniture about two years ago, according to Christopher Parkin, who heads Strategic Alliances and Genesis Solutions at Adobe. "It's only been in the last year that we began integrating with SEO partners," he said, explaining that Genesis also offers integration with other search platforms from Conductor and Search Metrics.

Parkin points to BrightEdge's global footprint to support engines from Google and Bing to Baidu in China, as well as the quality of information. There are about 1,500 live integrations across Genesis, supporting a variety of services in addition to search marketing.