Monday, April 29, 2013

SEO Partner Announces Key Changes With Its SEO Pricing and Services, and Highlights a Marketing Must-Do for Businesses

SEO Partner has just announced it is making a minor price adjustment to one of its SEO packages. The Professional SEO Pro Pack, which delivers custom content creation and distribution to quality websites focusing on three keywords, will now be offered at $20 more. Owner and Internet marketing expert, James Schramko explains that the small price increase is due to the 50 percent spike in labor time required to complete projects. Schramko further adds that the intensified work is aimed at achieving the best results for clients.

Clients under a monthly package (ones that might serve nearly a hundred other clients), as opposed to a one-time package, will not be affected by the new SEO pricing, according to SEO Partner.

SEO Partner is part of SuperFastBusiness, owned and headed by Schramko. The division focuses on search engine optimization services and executes only the highest level of approaches. The SEO specialist ensures that their clients’ online marketing campaigns yield favorable results and that their websites achieve those high page ranks on search engines. Its current services include the SEO service packs (e.g. Pro, Domination, and Epic), Video SEO Package, SEO Reputation Repair Package, Website Check, and the newly priced SEO Expert Pack.

In addition to the new rate, SEO Partner has also revealed that high-value clients who bring in repeat business can expect to receive a focused strategy report from the company. A strategy report details the necessary methods a business needs to undertake in order to grow even bigger.

Says Schramko about this recent development in SEO Partner’s service, “We’ve been offering reports for $20 and a high percentage of those convert into sales … that’s because we are offering advice on what to do and where your pitfalls are.”

The strategy report is not the only tool businesses should consider getting. The well-known Internet marketing expert and business owner also highly recommends getting an SEO website check. He remarks, “If you’re serious about SEO, we’re serious about supplying it.”

Under SEO Partner’s website check, clients will be able to get a thorough assessment of their website before they choose an SEO service pack. The company’s team of website experts will make the corresponding recommendations and suggest the best possible pack for the client. The website check service does not include SEO repairs and is not ideal for websites that have had several warnings from search engines or ones that still implement black hat linkbuilding tactics.

Schramko, who adds that he will be releasing an informative post about image marketing, expresses, “We don’t want to work on your account if we don’t think we can fix it. We know a lot more about Penguin and Panda now that we have so many customers and we’ve seen so many search campaigns.”

For more information on how SEO Partner works to help businesses maximize their online potential, go to their website or get in touch with the SEO experts today.


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